Our unit represents a late war German Air force Field Unit, which fought primarily in the Normandy area of France during World War Two. However, we have the ability to portray several secondary impressions to allow participation in other re-enactment scenarios. We can accomplish this because of the similarity of uniforms within the divisions and the fact that the Luftwaffe Field Divisions fought on all fronts of World War Two after 1942.

The Luftwaffe Field Divisions were not elite units and did not have the best equipment. In fact the unit we portray probably represents the best example of the late war German Soldier. Field Division Soldiers were often poorly trained and always poorly supplied. The average age of a soldier in a Luftwaffe-Felddivision was 30 years old. Luftwaffe Field Divisions wore a combination of Luftwaffe and standard Heere uniforms and insignia. The Luftwaffe Field Divisions also utilized a conglomeration of Luftwaffe and Army equipment. This variety of equipment and uniforms is what defines these divisions and we will encourage this in our impression within authenticity guidelines.

As members of the World War Two Research and Preservation Society (WWIIRPS), we demand three things of our members; safety, authenticity, and an apolitical orientation. Our goal is to educate the public in the importance of World War Two history and to sponsor the growth and development of reenacting as a highly rewarding and educational hobby.Our mission is to honor the men and women who fought and died during the Second World War by preserving history as it happened. Anyone interested in getting involved with a Living History Unit that demands a high level of authenticity and historical accuracy is welcome to inquire with our unit.

Contact us at: 17th Luftwaffe Feld Division