.The orginis of the 2nd SS Das Reich can be dated back to about 1939 with its genisis as the 'SS-Verfügungs Division, which was comprised of the Deutschland, Germania and Der Führer regiments. Soon after the Germania Regimnent was sent as the cadre of the SS Wiking Division and was replaced by a new regiment, SS Regiment 11.

The first commander of 2nd SS Das Reich, from 19 October 1939–14 October 1941 was the well respected Obergruppenführer Paul "Papa" Hausser (October 7, 1880 – December 21, 1972) Hausser a retired Army General prior to the war, was known as the father of the Waffen - SS, thus his title as Papa. Hausser was wounded twice and was awarded the Knights Cross w/Oakleaves and Crossed Swords.

* Led by Hausser the 'SS-Verfügungs Division took part in the invasion of France and the low countries. seeing action in the main drive for the Dutch central front and Rotterdam. After Rotterdam had been captured, the Division, along with other divisions, intercepted a French force and forced them back to the area of Zeeland and Antwerp. They were next used to mop up small pockets of resistance in the areas already captured by the German advance. The Division was then transferred to France and helped breach a stiffly defended canal line, and then participated in the drive on Paris. At the end of the campaign, it had advanced all the way to the Spanish frontier.

After the victory over France, the division remained in preperation for Operation Sealion the invasion of England. While still under the command of Hausserc in March 1941 the Division was sent to Romania in for the invasion of Yugoslavia and Grece . fter the vict
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