The World War II 2nd SS Das Reich Panzer Division reenactment group is a non-political reenactment unit and a member of the World War II Research and Preservation Society. The 2nd SS Das Reich was started for the sole purpouse of reenacting this WWII German Division and participate in reenacting events and portray the enemy of the WWII Allied Forces such as the U.S., British, Russian and other countries. This is a non-political WWII Living History unit and in no way do we promote nor encourage any Socialist extremist views. Our unit is comprised of working professionals such as Doctors, Lawyers, Police officers, Teaches, veteranns and working students. Theirfore we will not tolerate any unprofesional nor negative attitudes towards one another, our parent unit nor the hobby as a whole. Any persons who display any such behavior will be asked to leave immediatel;y.

Our parent organization the WWIIRPS is comprised of a Board of  Directors with a goal to make this hobby as realistic, informative, and as fun as possible. We abide by a strict Code of Conduct and strive to set new standards within the Reenacting community. Finally, the WWII RPS takes great pride in our heritage as Americans and we abide by all laws, including those of decency and human conduct and discrimanate against no one. We welcome any one intrested in history, WWII and honoring our veterans to give it a try.Our unit will not allow any members with such views to participate nor associcate with this organization. Our members come from all walks of life, active duty Military personnel, retired Military veterans, civilian law enforcement, fire fighters , college students, doctors, lawyers, and busy executives, all with a passion for the preservation of World War II history. Extensive historical research goes into the study of these units, their composition, equipment, uniforms, leadership, and tactical significance on the battlefield. We maintain exacting authenticity standards and a tremendous amount of effort and resources go into building an individual soldiers impression. The  construction of ones personal impression can be a very fun and rewarding process and can literally take years to perfect.