Though we would like to be able to invite everybody into the 2nd SS Das Reich , there are some conditions that must be met for full membership. There is a 1 year, or 3 battle probationary period, we reserve the right to accept or dismiss any member deemed unsuatable. Only members who can behave with respect for the hobby and other re-enactors will be accpeted innto the unit. "Meine Ehre ist True" (My honour is True.) is the SS motto and it is ours.

You must be a US citizen.
You must be at least 18 years of age minors must be accompanied by a legal gaurdian
You must not have a felony nor criminal record and be legally capable of owning a firearm.

That’s what we need from you, now here is what we ask of you-

As the hobby of reenacting is a physical activity, that requires some exercise with poor sleep and light meals your physical condition is a factor; Ask yourself the following questions:

Can you lift 50 Lbs?
Can you walk 3-5 miles in the sun?
Can you carry a 35 lb pack?
Can you survive on four hours of sleep?
Do you have any physical conditions or health issues that may cause you difficulty in a wilderness environment?

Though these issues may cause you difficulty in a reenacting environment, they may not preclude you from participating. If you answered yes to any of the above, please discuss this with the Unit Leader or the Kompanie Adjutant.

The hobby of renacting is a fun and educational environment, but it is not for everybody. The2nd SS Das Reich is run as a military unit. This not only helps to maintain the illusion of the life of the war era soldier, but helps members to stay safe and learn proper behavior within the hobby. We ask you to work as a team, take orders, have good manners, exercise good sportsmanship, be helpful, contribute financially, put in hard work, be responsible of equipment and vehicles, respect officers, and behave in a safe and conscientious manner. Loose cannons and glory hounds have no place in the 2nd SS Das Reich . This type of behavior will not be accpeted. We want you to have personal pride and pride in your unit. "Meine Ehre ist True"

How many battles do you have?

There is nearly an event every month, and most are in Central to Southern California. Battles take place all throughout the year and you can find yourself in the summer heat, or the cold Winter snow. Most battles are always two days and take place in period type settings. Sometimes we camp in the field or stay in barracks, so be prepared to camp out period if need be.

What's the cost?

It's easy to join our unit. A $25 Club fee (RPS) & there is also a nominal ($25-$35) fee per battle to be paid to the hosts of the battle. Please consult the Unit Adjutant before sending a check to the WWIIRPS or paying a battle fee. A 1 year, or 3 battle probationary period is required before a participant can become a unit member. Except for those coming from existing WWII units or other WWII reenatcting clubs. Starting 2008 there will be a $25 annual unit fee.

Your gear will cost about $1200 including the cost of your rifle. You have a period of one year from joining to have a basic minimum kit.

What do I get for my money?

By joining the WWIIRPS you will receive a newsletter from them, joining the RPS is mandatory after your first event. Dues don't become payable until later, this allows you to try the hobby without making a financial commitment. You will have to pay the normal battle fee.

Where does my money go?

There is quite a bit involved with this hobby. most of your money goes towards renting barracks, maintaining vehicles, and your insurance at battles. Other costs include paying for battle sites, company level equipment, loaner gear maintenance and special usage fees.

I need gear.

Unit members can borrow loaner gear for the first battle. If borrowing loaner gear it must be returned to the owner or it will be charged to the new meber. When its time to purchase gear we will however make sure you get the right gear and uniforms from dealers that can be trusted. PLEASE always consult the unit leader or other veteran members before you buy anything. What some reenactors might think is ok, might be wrong according to the authenticity officer, plus we may know where to get a better price.

Gear can be purchased used or new and we always have leads on all types of new and used gear.

When is the next battle?

Just check the events link for the latest battle and events info.

Who do I contact?

You need to contact the Unit Leader or recruitment officert at: Recruitment The
2nd SS Das Reich is a member of the:

World War II Research and Preservation Society, Inc.
A Non-Profit Corporation
2406 Ridgewood Ct
Modesto, CA 95350