The World War II Research and Preservation Society (WWII RPS) is a US Federal non-profit corporation that has been active in historical research and Living History Reenacting for over a decade. Members come from all walks of life, ranging from active duty & retired Military personnel, Law Enforcement , Doctors, Lawyers, Artists, Students, and business executives...all with a passion for World War II history and a common goal of preserving our nation's part in that war and honoring our WWII Veterans, which we are loosing at a staggering rate of 1,000 a day. With this in mind we are basically on a race against time to find and record these mens stories. In tribute to our WWII Veterans we depict them as accurately as possible, this includes U.S. and Allied soldiers from that era, but also their enemy counterparts.

We are comprised of member "Units" that are based on actual World War II units. Extensive historical research goes into the study of these units, tremendous amount of effort and resources go into building an individual soldier's "impression". The construction of one's impression can be a very fun and rewarding process and can literally take years to perfect.

A Board of Directors with a goal to make this hobby as realistic, informative, and as fun as possible, governs the WWII RPS. We abide by a strict Code of Conduct and strive to set new standards within the Reenacting community.

Finally, the WWII RPS takes great pride in our heritage as Americans and we abide by all laws, including those of decency and human conduct. In order to accurately portray the tactical experience of the combat soldier of World War II,we also must portray combatants from all sides. However, we steadfastly refute any notions of association with any Socialist or Communist organizations and we reserve the right to refuse membership to anyone with such associations or anyone with any extreme political views.

All Petitions will be considered on a case-by-case basis. New units that are admitted are subject to a 12 month Probationary Period. They will report to an active unit in the RPS determined by the Board. The Probationary Unit will follow instructions by the active unit’s leader at events and the Overall Commander. The Probationary Unit’s behavior will be evaluated during the period. Criteria will consist of, but not be limited to, participation in and at events. At the end of the Probationary Period the Board will vote on making said unit “Active” or decline their petition.

All non - RPS Members who participate at events, as individuals or units, may only do so with prior approval of an Active RPS unit that hosts them. Guest Unit participation also requires prior approval of the RPS Board. Guests will need to fall-in with a like unit (i.e. German Paratrooper with FJR6 ) or similar branch such as Luftwaffe, Heere or SS whatever the case may be; including bivouac and in the field. If like unit or branch is not present they will report to the a field commander whether Axis or Allied. The RPS reserves the right to deny participation or expel guests from an event for any reason.

World War II Research and Preservation Society, Inc.
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Jim Camarillo: Chairman

The WWIIRPS is a proud member of the NRA.
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