II Allied Corps
Commander: John Comiskey

'The II Allied Corps represents a milestone in WW2 reenacting as it brings all western Allied units under one centralized command for improved communication and cooperation, both on and off the field.'

1st Infantry Division

"Big Red One"
Unit Leader: Marvin Lord
E Co. 2Bat 16th Rgt
1st I.D. Forum
6th Airborne Division

Unit Leader: Tony Sandefer
3rd Airborne Brigade

27th Gaurds Infantry Division
Come join our new Russian Army unit
Unit Leader: Al Gerhy
27th Guards

3rd Infantry Division

"Rock of the Marne"
Unit Leader: Eric Kozlowski
I Co 15th Regiment

6th Green Howards

Unit Leader: John Comiskey

101st Airborne Division

"Screamng Eagles"
Unit Leader: Tom Neill

10th U.S. Field Hospital
(3rd Inf. Div)
Unit Leader: 1Lt Amy Smith

1st Marine Division

"The Old Breed"
Unit Leader: Sgt. Josh Henniger
(101st AD Secondary Impression)
Notice to Potential New Units.

All Petitions will be considered on a case-by-case basis. New units that are admitted are subject to a 12 month Probationary Period. They will report to an active unit in the RPS determined by the Board. The Probationary Unit will follow instructions by the active unit’s leader at events and the Overall Commander. The Probationary Unit’s behavior will be evaluated during the period. Criteria will consist of, but not be limited to, participation in and at events. At the end of the Probationary Period the Board will vote on making said unit “Active” or decline their petition .

You must contact the unit leader of the unit you wish to join, and get approval.
You must fill out an WWIIRPS Membership Application & Renewal Forms.Dowload; Word Document or PDF.

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