"Breakout of Rome" Summer 44'

Sponsored by: 3rd I.D. & 1st SS
Open to all units with correct Italian Theater summer 1944

Scenario: TBD Leaders meeting


Units participating should be in period correct uniforms for summer 1944 Italian Front


"Breakout of Rome" sommer 1944 - November 11 -13th 6 Bits Ranch Ca. This will be a bivouac event, so bring a cot, tent, or pup tent correct for your unit impression. There will be access to water, portable toilets, and RV access. Small Camp fires, cooking stoves ok, drinking of alcoholic beverages will be permitted, however it must be keep undercontrol! Absolutely no under age drinking allowed, no acceptions!!. All Cigarette butts and trash must be policed and cleaned up before site is vacated!

Leaders contact: : Allied contact: Eric Kozlowski Axis Contact: Derek Fernandez

Vehicles: Light vehicles ok, tracked check with your unit leader!

Leaders Meeting: Nov 11, Firday 9:00 pm 1st SS HQ

Ammo: Units are individually responsible for their own ammo.

Battle - Club Fee's : Battle fee 30$ payable to your unit leaders.

Line up and Safety: a safety breifing will be given Saturday morning 8:15am

Battle time: 9:00 am

Additional Information contact: Jim Camarillo Ch.Snowpatch@hotmail.com 209 996 3055

Location: Six Bits Ranch Rd. Chinese Camp, CA. ( South West of Jamestown)

Signs will be post on Hwy 108
East on Hwy 108 outside Modesto
Let turn on Right turn, on Grange Rd
Left turn on, Red Hill Rd ( wildlife area )
Right turn on 6 Bits Rd ( 5523 Six Bits Rd )

Map: View large map

Map of Camp Six Bits

Photography and Filming: Only RPS members may film or photograph any one not a member must have prior approval from our Chairman
Jim Camarillo 209-996-3055

Notice to all guest attendee's.

All non-RPS Members who participate at events, as individuals or units, may only do so with prior approval of an Active RPS unit that hosts them. Guest Unit participation also requires prior approval of the RPS Board. Guests will need to fall-in with a like unit (i.e. German Paratrooper with FJR6 ) or similar branch such as Luftwaffe, Heere or SS whatever the case may be; including bivouac and in the field. If like unit or branch is not present they will report to the a field commander whether Axis or Allied. The RPS reserves the right to deny participation or expel guests from an event for any reason.

You must also sign a guest wairver/hold harmless form. Dowload; Word Document or PDF.

You must contact the unit leader of the unit you wish to join, and get approval.
You must fill out an WWIIRPS Membership Application & Renewal Forms. Dowload; Word Document or PDF.

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