Fall Event Nov 11- 13
Breakout of Rome

Sponsor: 3rd I.D.& 1st SS
Location: 6 Bits Ranch
Detals: Event page
Event Postponed
Notice to all guest attendee's.

All non-RPS Members who participate at events, as individuals or units, may only do so with prior approval of an Active RPS unit that hosts them. Guest Unit participation also requires prior approval of the RPS Board. Guests will need to fall-in with a like unit (i.e. German Paratrooper with FJR6 ) or similar branch such as Luftwaffe, Heere or SS whatever the case may be; including bivouac and in the field. If like unit or branch is not present they will report to the a field commander whether Axis or Allied. The RPS reserves the right to deny participation or expel guests from an event for any reason.

You must also sign a guest wairver/hold harmless form. Dowload; Word Document or PDF.

You must contact the unit leader of the unit you wish to join, and get approval.
You must fill out an WWIIRPS Membership Application & Renewal Forms. Dowload; Word Document or PDF.

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