The WWIIRPS has member units through the West Coast of the United States, From Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada and Arizona.

If you are interested in joining and are a resident of Washington, Oregon please contact Jim Camarillo

Though we would like to be able to invite everybody into the WWIIRPS, there are some conditions that must be met for full membership.

You must not have a felony criminal record and be legally capable of owning a firearm.
You must be willing to abide by the WWIIRPS Code of Conduct.
You must contact the unit leader of the unit you wish to join, and get approval.
You must fill out an WWIIRPS Membership application & renewal forms.
You must be an active member of one of our units.
You must be at least 18 years of age.
WWIIRPS Minor Liability Waiver form.
You must be a US citizen.

As the hobby of reenacting is a physical activity, that requires some exercise with poor sleep and light meals your physical condition is a factor; Ask yourself the following questions:

Can you lift 50 Lbs?
Can you walk 3-5 miles in the sun?
Can you carry a 35 lb. pack?
Can you survive on four hours of sleep?
Do you have any physical conditions or health issues that may cause you difficulty in a wilderness environment?
Are you more than 25 lbs overweight?
Are you on medication for any psychological illness?

Though these issues may cause you difficulty in a reenacting environment, they may not preclude you from participating. If you answered yes to any of the above, please discuss this with the Unit Leader.

The hobby of reenacting is a fun and educational environment, but it is not for everybody. The WWIIRPS is run as a military unit. This not only helps to maintain the illusion of the life of the war era soldier, but helps members to stay safe and learn proper behavior within the hobby so nobody gets hurt. We ask you to work as a team, take orders, have good manners, exercise good sportsmanship, be helpful, contribute financially, put in hard work, be responsible of equipment and vehicles, respect officers, and behave in a safe and conscientious manner. Loose cannons and glory hounds have no place in the WWIIRPS . This type of behavior will not be accepted. We want you to have personal pride and pride in your unit. Most of all we want to honor wartime Veterans.

How many battles do you have?

There is nearly an event every month, and most are in are throughout the west coast and California. Battles take place all throughout the year and you can find yourself in the summer heat, or the cold Winter snow. Most battles are always two days and take place in period type settings. Sometimes we camp in the field or stay in barracks, so be prepared to camp out period if need be.

What's the cost?

Depends on which unit you join. Each units fee may vary . Pay your
$25 WWIIRPS Membership Fee (must be paid to your perspective unit leader) sign your membership application & renewal forms, both fee and waiver should be turned into your unit leader. There will also a Battle Event fee ($25-$45) depending on the event and location. Fee will be paid to unit leaders and collected by a Board Member or hosting Unit Leader. Please consult your unit leader before sending any funds to the RPS or paying a battle fee.

What do I get for my money?

By joining the RPS you are allowed to attend any event from the RPS, NWRA and CHG as your host club the RPS provides you with liability insurance at any reenactment event you attend. This is important due to liability issues most west coast reenactment clubs do not allow non member reenactors to attend. Your club is your pass to attend a large variety of events from Washington, Oregon, And all of California.

Where does my money go?

The majority of the money goes towards running and maintaining the Club, Insurance fees non profit status and event planning preparation and financing and maintaining vehicles, space etc., etc.

When is the next battle?

Just check the events link for the latest battle and events info.

Who do I contact?
You may contact any of the units you are interested in joining

For additional help or questions you may contact the following:
WWIIRPS Board Chairman: Jim Camarillo

Thank you for your interest.

All Petitions will be considered on a case-by-case basis. New units that are admitted are subject to a 12 month Probationary Period. They will report to an active unit in the RPS determined by the Board. The Probationary Unit will follow instructions by the active unit’s leader at events and the Overall Commander. The Probationary Unit’s behavior will be evaluated during the period. Criteria will consist of, but not be limited to, participation in and at events. At the end of the Probationary Period the Board will vote on making said unit “Active” or decline their petition.

All non-RPS Members who participate at events, as individuals or units, may only do so with prior approval of an Active RPS unit that hosts them. Guest Unit participation also requires prior approval of the RPS Board. Guests will need to fall-in with a like unit (i.e. German Paratrooper with FJR6 ) or similar branch such as Luftwaffe, Heere or SS whatever the case may be; including bivouac and in the field. If like unit or branch is not present they will report to the a field commander whether Axis or Allied. The RPS reserves the right to deny participation or expel guests from an event for any reason.

You must also sign a guest wairver/hold harmless form. Dowload; Word Document or PDF.

*Absolutely No Alchohol - Camp Roberts has a zero tolerance alcohol policy .

You must contact the unit leader of the unit you wish to join, and get approval.
Before you can join any unit you must fill out and turn in a WWIIRPS Membership Application & Renewal Forms. Dowload; Word Document or PDF.
If you are under 18 years of age you must fill out a WWIIRPS Minor Liability Wairver form. Dowload; Word Document or PDF.
All attending guests must also sign a guest wairver/hold harmless form. Dowload; Word Document or PDF.

The WWIIRPS is a proud member of the NRA.
No part of this site may be reproduced without written permission from the WWIIRPS.