The WWII RPS also expends resources on procuring and renovating vintage vehicles. Rare are the conditions when one can actually see World War II vehicles operating in the kind of conditions they were built for. Most often, our tactical battles include the use of WWII vintage vehicles as well as some carefully constructed replicas. Our Russian T34 / 85 Main Battle Tank weighs over 40 tons and is awe inspiring in the field. The WWII RPS spends a great deal of time and resources rescuing vehicles of the WWII era. While this is a rewarding task, it can be extremely time consuming and difficult. Most vehicles require a tremendous amount of ongoing maintenance once they are restored as well as a lot of training for crew positions. In spite of the difficulties encountered in restoring and maintaining these fabulous vehicles, the WWIIRPS is constantly looking for potential additions to our ever growing motor pool.

Sherman Tank
M-20 Armored Car
Ford Jeep
Willys Jeep
Russian T34 / 85 Main Battle Tank
BMW R71 Motorcycle & sidecar (CJ Conversion)
BMW R71 Motorcycle & sidecar (CJ Conversion)
BMW R75 Motorcycle & sidecar
VW Kubelwagen Type82
VW Kubelwagen Type82
VW Schimmwagen Type166
Ford 1938 1.5 ton Truck Ready for the field!
Ford 1938 3 ton Truck (under restoration)
Sdkfz_222 Armored Car (replica)
Sdkfz_232 Armored Car (replica)
Sdkfz 251 Halftrack (converted from Tatra 810)
Russian 82mm Mortar Dewat
Pak 36 37mm anti-tank gun
German 81mm Mortar New!
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